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About Me

It sounds like an old cliche, but I was born into it. My father was, and still is, an electrician. I was born in San Clemente, California, in 1970. Like many small Southern California towns in the 70's, the construction business was booming. My father was busy wiring custom homes and commercial buildings. And, as soon as i could work a pair of pliers, he put me to work . I remember being 7 years old pulling wire and putting in plugs and switches. My youthful summers were not spent at the beach with the rest of my friends, but on a construction site working and making money. Yes, I got paid! I worked with my father steadily throughout high school. I spent 6 years after high school in San Luis Obispo, California, where i met my wife. Ever since that time, I have been involved in the construction industry, mostly as an electrician. In 2010, I came to Los Angeles and started building a loyal client base. Now I watch my 3 year old son try to use pliers just like his dad.


New Website!

So happy to finally have my site live. Please contact me with any requests or questions.

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